Top 5 Music Websites for School

It is quite difficult to search for music websites for schools due to the firewall settings. Students waste a lot of time searching for unblocked music websites, ending up getting hardly any time to enjoy listening. Every school has a technical resource who selects the websites to be blocked; therefore, a website that might have been working perfectly fine one day may not work at all the other day. Usually, the list of blocked sites enlists non-educational ones and those requiring too much bandwidth. Hence, searching for them gets even difficult as they are non-educational and take too much bandwidth; however, you must not give up. Here is a list of top 5 music websites for school:


This site has everything related to hip-hop, be it shows, news, music or videos. It is a very popular music site among students.

2. plays free music in an internet radio format and also supports iPhone and Android, enabling users to enjoy music anywhere.


This website allows creating playlists of music and videos from all genres.  It also has a station that facilitates users to select songs from 80s, blues, hip-hop, pop, etc.


Here users can select music according to their moods, like dark, energetic, positive or calm. The listeners can also search music with artists’ names or songs’ lyrics; the website suggests other similar songs of your interest too. It is one of the best music websites for schools, if not blocked.


You might not find too much mainstream music on this site, as users upload music of their choice. You can use Safari and Mozilla Firefox for optimal performance.

The above mentioned music websites for school might be on the block list, but you always have the alternative of proxies that allow access to blocked websites. Anonymous proxies and Squid proxies are two trusted proxy websites. You can also find different proxy websites by searching through Google, but their reliability is not guaranteed.

Music Website for School: The Real Deal

If you search music websites for school, you would come up with numerous sites listing the top 5 to top 25 sites for free music at schools. However, the truth of the matter is that most of them or, in some cases, all of these sites will be off-limit to students due to the firewalls set up on the school servers. Every school administration has an internet administrator who keeps a check on the download activity of students. The site from where you downloaded easily yesterday might be completely blocked the next day; thanks to the internet administrator. This is done in order to control the amount of bandwidth that is hogged by such download activity, which is unfortunately, also not for educational purposes.

Music websites don’t just devour a major chunk of the bandwidth, but they are also not educational, unless you are studying music itself or are a part of a music school. Even there, your download activity is usually monitored. But, as they say, where there is a will there is a way. You can still find thousands of sites offering free downloadable music the school administration has yet to block.

Alternative Ways to View Music Websites For School

Finding your way around the school firewalls that block the music websites for school is difficult, but not impossible. To begin with, let’s talk about Proxies. Proxies are what allow you to cheat firewalls and therefore they are also dangerous. Mishandling proxies may expose the entire system to malware and viruses attacks. Your school administrator may be aware of this trick and therefore block even the proxies.

A lot of schools do not block Google Music or AOL Radio. This is simply because most people view these sites as trusted. Among other options, which are known not to be under the school radars, are Pandora, Bing Entertainment and Yahoo! Radio.

Another great music resource that schools cannot afford to block is YouTube. Schools need to keep this site accessible, since most teachers use it as an educational resource for showing videos and clips.

Another way of accessing music websites for schools is for those who know their way around computers well; this is called hacking. Hacking is an illegal offense and can get you into a lot of trouble; so, this option is not recommended unless you believe that listening to music is worth committing a legal offense for.

In the end, remember not to give up on finding good music websites for school; there are new ones coming up every day and waiting to be discovered.